Published on 3. September 2020.

Project: Customer Timmerhaus

Conversion, construction and a new vehicle for a long-term customer

Family company with a long tradition – a short but well-worded characterization of Timmerhaus Spedition und Transporte GmbH from Oberhausen, Germany Heinz-Willi Timmerhaus, now 74 years old, is still active in the company. He supports the new generation with advice and action. His entrepreneurial spirit, his commitment and his high demands on fundamental qualities such as honesty, punctuality and reliability are the three pillars of the company to this day. The team puts together an “all-round carefree package” for customers and offers all services relating to the implementation of heavy and special transports of all kinds. From the professional preparation to the actual transport.


All-round carefree package for Timmerhaus

As part of the most recently implemented project, we also put together an “all-round carefree package” for Timmerhaus. The basis for the order from our long-standing customer was a 4-axle chassis of the type TGX 35.510 by MAN, for which we and the team from Oberhausen had planned a conversion including a loading crane and platform superstructure. An ES-GE tandem trailer should complete the team. Said and done: After the successful conversion, a complete train of 2 vehicles including a new superstructure with loading crane was ready for being picked up. After Planning the package, our task was, to coordinate the suppliers and service providers and deliver the final result – our understanding of the “all-round carefree package”.


FASSI loading crane

The crane for this conversion comes from the the Italian crane manufacturer Fassi. The loading crane F710RA.2.26 was placed between the driver’s cab and the front wall of the superstructure. In this configuration it can lift a maximum of 16,000 kg in a radius of up to approx.3.70 m. The maximum radius of action is approx. 16.10 m. While horizontal, the crane can lift loads of up to 3,280 kg. Almost vertically, the device lifts goods with a mass of up to 5,700 kg to a height of approx. 20 m.

Brochure FASSI F710RA


Superstructure for high point loads

The loading height of the flatbed on the four-axle MAN chassis is approx. 1,160 mm. High point loads? No problem! The cross members under the screen printing floor (6,320 mm x 2,480 mm) offer sufficient stability.  The truck was also equipped with a total of six work lights so that the crane can be used safely even in poor light conditions or at night. Two lights are positioned on the headboard, two at the rear and one on the left and one on the right to illuminate the supports of the crane.


Container transport – but not only

Both truck and trailer are excellent for transporting containers. The trailer is equipped with removable side walls and container locks, which are intended for the transport of 20‘ containers. They are also suitable for transporting extra-wide containers with a width of 3m, as well as the truck’s locks. The trailer’s equipment also includes two aluminum ramps, which can be stowed on the vehicle. The air-sprung vehicle has an extension at the rear and an extendable drawbar that can be locked in six different positions in steps of approx. 100 mm. The rear extension can be pulled out in steps of approx. 200 mm up to a maximum of 800 mm. Foldable lashing rings and the stakes, which can be fixed in the pockets distributed across the outer frame and across the loading area, offer enough options for securing the load.

We wish the team of Timmerhaus Spedition und Transporte GmbH a lot of fun with the new vehicles and a good trip at all times!

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