Two Volvo trucks with crane for TEP

Published on 18. October 2019.

MKG and FASSI crane at the rear

Two Volvo trucks with loading crane for the TEP GmbH

High above and always “electrified”- The company TEP GmbH is a specialist in the field of building power poles. With the help of their special technique technology, the Baden-Württemberg based company mainly builds electricity pylons as steel lattice towers. Founder and head of TEP GmbH, Günter Rimmele, is also the inventor of the automated construction technique, which enables a stepwise construction of the pylons.


Loading crane instead of mobile crane

Due to the special technology, when erecting the power pylons, light trucks can be used. That also helps while working in rough terrain and reduces costs. Because the expensive use of large crane equipment is often not possible without extensive preparation. We have delivered two trucks with loading cranes, which perfectly fulfill the requirement profile – on and off the road – to TEP GmbH. With crane units of the brands FASSI and MKG, we rely on modern yet robust technology for these vehicles.

Volvo with platform

Both crane vehicles are based on two identically designed Volvo chassis, each equipped with a low-construction container platform. The 3-axle chassis type FH 460 CHH-LOW 6×2 has already been used by us several times in the construction of crane vehicles. It has proven itself in use and is also very popular with our rental customers. Last week we delivered our exhibit of this year’s NUFAM to TEP GmbH. After a personal introduction by an employee of FASSI Ladekrane GmbH, the team around Mr. Rimmele was ready for the next mission.


HLK 531HP a5

The first delivered truck has been in use for a year now. A remotely controlled loading crane of our supplier MKG performs its work at the rear. The HLK 531HP a5 is a five-stroke extension crane with a maximum hydraulic reach of 14.10 meters – while carrying a maximum load of 3,030 kg in the horizontal. It can be swiveled endlessly and reaches a maximum height of approx. 18 m in this configuration (a5).


FASSI F485RA.2 xe-dynamic

With the joint appearance at this year’s NUFAM, we have once again intensified our cooperation with the crane manufacturer FASSI. In consultation with our customer TEP, the Volvo truck supported us in Karlsruhe on the fair ground. The maximum hydraulic reach of the loading crane is approx. 14.60 m. The crane lifts 2,660 kg horizontally when fully deployed. At the full height of almost 19 m, the crane reaches a maximum load of 4,500 kg.


Satisfaction on both sides

As an independent dealer with our own brand, we always focus on the needs of our customers. Both vehicles as well as the cranes offer the optimum solution for the planned construction operations of TEP GmbH. Our long term realationships with our suppliers and service providers make it easier for us to be able to supply high-quality vehicles for the respective application. We wish Mr. Rimmele and his team continued success and joy with the two trucks!