BAUMA and IAA Transportation | Our Review

Published on 14. November 2022.

BAUMA and IAA Transportation

Enthusiasm simply sweeps away skepticism

With more than 35 years on the market, the team of ES-GE has already attended numerous trade fairs. The experience of our employees enables us to always approach the trade fair preparations with confidence and high expectations. Regarding IAA Transportation and BAUMA, a certain skepticism was noticeable in our team this year. No company can absolve itself from the fact that the current politically uncertain situation. Also the constant change in information procurement effects the potential and evaluation of trade fair appearances. It is true that only a little time has passed since the gates in Munich were closed. So yet it is not predictable which prospective customers will become customers and which offers will become orders. Nevertheless, we are all convinced of the success of the trade fair appearances and we are enthusiastic about the popularity at the IAA Transportation and at the BAUMA.


Perception as a provider in the heavy-duty business

Due to the different points of contact with brands and manufacturers, it is fundamentally difficult to define and measure the success of trade fair appearances in detail. The trade fair, once a top event, has become one of numerous touchpoints. Regardless of the industry, almost all companies are affected. What became clear at the trade fairs: Anyone who visits the ES-GE booth usually knows what ES-GE stands for. As an established brand in the field of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, we have made a name for ourselves over the past decades. This includes our role as an independent dealer as well as our role as a rental company with. In addition to the growing rental service, customers are increasingly connecting ES-GE with crane vehicles.


In a rush from initial contact to delivery

With our brand and product portfolio, our rental-service and the reserved production slots, we can almost provide full-serveice in the “heavy-duty commercial vehicle” sector. Thanks to our comprehensive range of products and services, our team has numerous opportunities to react to the complex requirements and questions for specific transports of our customers. Sometimes it is even surprising for our customers. We e.g. had the first personal contact at the IAA Transportation with a now new customer. Just eight working days elapsed between this initial contact at the trade fair and the delivery of an existing vehicle. In addition to this extreme example, dozens of projects are currently in the planning and implementation phase after the two trade fairs.


Personal exchange at BAUMA and IAA Transportation as a success factor

We are not only enthusiastic about the influx of potential new customers. The trade fairs were often also a point of contact for regular customers who wanted to discuss the first or last details of current or planned follow-up orders. All in all, our conclusion could not be more positive. Admittedly, appearances at trade fairs are associated with ever increasing costs and an immense amount of planning and personnel expenditure. Nevertheless, the days of the trade fair showed in a nutshell that people are enjoying personal exchanges again. Because even when we sell and rent vehicles, day-to-day business involves complex tasks that countless people are involved in solving. That’s why we get up every day!


We would like to thank the numerous visitors and, of course, also our team, who held up the flag of ES-GE!