G. Dittmar is convinced of the overall package

Dittmar Referenzen ES-GE Satteltieflader titel
Published on 5. July 2022.

Repurchase after 15 years

Transport company G. Dittmar benefits from short delivery times

Long-term customer relationships are valuable, and there are many reasons for long-term or renewed cooperation. Even though we have numerous regular customers who regularly rent and also buy vehicles, it is not uncommon that there are 10 or more years between two orders. This is not unusual in the B2B sector, especially when trading in capital goods. Depending on the size of the company and the individual period of use, the term “regularly” can be used very flexibly anyway. If you contact us again after more than a decade, it is still worth taking a second look at the database and at least asking our customer, G. Dittmar Transport- und Speditions GmbH, a direct question. What was decisive for the renewed cooperation?

Dittmar Refereces ES-GE low-loader semi-trailer

Dittmar opts again for ES-GE low loader semi-trailers

Up until the delivery of the ES-GE low-loader semi-trailer last week, the last vehicle handover to G. Dittmar Transport- und Speditions GmbH dates back to 2006. Then as now, we handed over a 3-axle ES-GE low-loader semi-trailer to the transport company from Lower Saxony. The company from Ganderkesee, Germany offers national and international transport, has low-loader semi-trailers for heavy and special transport as well as vehicles for dangerous goods and containers.  The fact that we delivered another vehicle to our customer last week after more than 15 years is based on our long-term and sustainable planning of our stock. To answer the question from the first paragraph: We were once again able to convince our customer of the ES-GE brand, because we can provide manufacturer-independent advice as well as short delivery times.

Dittmar Refereces ES-GE low-loader semi-trailer

Multi-purpose low-loader with wheel wells

The recently delivered low-loader semi-trailer is equipped with three axles, each approved for 10,000 kg. The self-steering third axle helps when cornering. Its neck is designed for a 5th wheel load of 18,000 kg. The fifth wheel and axle load therefore result in a possible total weight of 48,000 kg. Based on a dead weight of approx. 9,060 kg, the low-loader semi-trailer offers a possible payload of approx. 38,940 kg. The trailer can be raised and lowered in a range of approx. 190 mm. If necessary, it goes up approx. 145 mm and down approx. 45 mm – related to the standard driving height. The first axle can be raised separately. Its lifting device is controlled and controlled by the TEBS. However, the axle can also be raised manually. The function can be used temporarily as a traction help – of course always taking into account the conditions and the load status.

Dittmar Refereces ES-GE low-loader semi-trailer

Electro-hydraulic ramps

The loading area of ​​the ES-GE low-loader is equipped with two pairs of wheel wells. One is in front of the first axle, the second pair is between the first and second axles. The front ones are a total of around 2,500 mm long, the rear ones around 1,250 mm – each measured at the level of the actual loading area, which is mostly covered with a 28 mm thick hardwood floor. If an even loading area is required for transport, custom-made steel elements offer the option of covering the wheel recesses. Self-propelled construction machines can use the ramps at the rear of the low-loader. The one-piece ramps are actuated electro-hydraulically by an installed electro-hydraulic unit, which can be supplied with power via a NATO connection. The ramps can also be moved sideways to allow vehicles with different track widths to drive onto them.

Dittmar Refereces ES-GE low-loader semi-trailer

Chassis and components

Both the chassis and the components used are designed for durability. All components of the ES-GE semi-trailer come from well-known manufacturers. The chassis of the trailer consists of high-strength fine-grain steel. In addition to the embedded wheel recesses and the excavator handle recess at the rear of the vehicle, the loading area offers numerous other options for transport. One possibility is the basic widening with the help of consoles that are embedded in the outer frame. In combination with wooden planks, the loading area can be extended from approx. 2,540 mm to approx. 3,000 mm. 18 lashing rings and 14 stake pockets ensure load securing.

Dittmar Refereces ES-GE low-loader semi-trailer

We are pleased that we were able to convince our customer of the overall package and wish the team at G. Dittmar Transport- und Speditions GmbH a safe journey at all times!