ES-GE jumbo semi-trailer for STL Logistik

Published on 20. September 2021.

ES-GE jumbo semi-trailer for STL

Semi-low loader with an elaborately designed tarpaulin

In the past few years, Thomas Schubert-Wirth, the responsible fleet manager at STL Logistik AG, has ordered well over 20 vehicles from us. This also included vehicles that became part of our customer’s fleet as part of long-term rental agreements in order to implement project-based services or to cope with peaks in demand. The company’s fleet of special vehicles is put together for the Europe-wide transport of large-volume industrial goods. The focus of services is, among other things, the transport of steel rings with the help of hydraulic sloping loaders. But Thomas Schubert-Wirth manages a large number of other special vehicles. STL Logistik AG has the right vehicle in its fleet for almost every requirement. Low-bed semi-trailers, plateau semi-trailers as well as jumbo and mega-volume vehicles are also. New in their fleet: an ES-GE jumbo semi-trailer with four axles.

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“Hot freight” – Tarpaulin with digital printing

In general, utility is the main criterion when using commercial vehicles. Especially with jumbo semi-trailers, the question is: How much fits under the tarpaulin? Jumbo semi-trailers are ideal for transporting industrial components. They offer a large volume and at the same time the protection of the tarpaulin. On the one hand, it protects components from wind and weather, on the other hand, it also protects technology from prying eyes. The tailor-made ES-GE 4-axle semi low loader semi-trailer with curtainsider body, that we delivered in July, shows, that commercial vehicles not only have to be practical, but can also look good. Its elaborately designed tarpaulin was created in cooperation with LÖCHER Industrieofen- und Apparatebau, a good customer of STL Logistik AG. The motif applied in digital printing already says it all. LÖCHER plans, manufactures and installs heat treatment systems (industrial furnaces) for the metal processing industry. The company, which was founded in Hilchenbach, South Westphalia, in 1965, is now in use around the world and produces at two locations in Germany.

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Four-axle ES-GE jumbo semi-trailer with two steered axles

The four-axle ES-GE jumbo semi-trailer is equipped with two steered axles. All axles come from GIGANT. They are technically suitable for a load of up to 10,000 kg, have twin tires and drum brakes. The maximum permissible axle load is limited by the tires. The combination of axles and tires technically offers a maximum axle load of 8,240 kg each. Based on an empty weight of just over 10,000 kg and the maximum fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg, the low loader semi-trailer technically offers a possible payload of almost 41,000 kg. The tech. possible total weight is 50,960 kg.

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Low loading height, high volume

The usable height and thus also the volume of a jumbo semi-trailer is largely determined by the height of the loading platform. The ES-GE semi-trailer offers a low loading height of approx. 760 mm. If the maximum height of 4,000 mm is adhered to, the usable height in the interior is up to approx. 3,230 mm, the inner height above the neck up to approx. 2,580 mm. The total usable length in the interior extends over a total of approx. 13,515 mm – from the door at the rear to the front wall. The roof and side tarpaulin are the connecting element between the rear portal and the front wall. Both can be opened completely from the back to the front and also from the front to the back. This means that loading from all sides is possible.

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Rear portal and roof adjustable

To simplify loading, the rear door can be hydraulically widened by approx. 1,000 mm on each side. Self-propelled machines can use ramps to enter the loading area. Once the load has been placed and lashed, the rear portal is closed for driving. If the load is wider than the basic width of the vehicle, the tarpaulin, which is rolled up on the side, still allows transport under tarpaulin. It offers a reserve of approx. 400 mm in length. The vehicle also has a lifting roof that can be raised by approx. 430 mm with the help of hand pumps. Assuming a corresponding permit, the trailer offers the possibility of transporting goods that would exceed the maximum interior height. The “reserve”, which is rolled up in the interior with the help of press studs and hook-and-loop-fasteners, also allows oversized loads to be transported under a tarpaulin.

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Solid chassis with numerous lashing options

The floor and frame of the semi-trailer offer numerous lashing options. A total of 32 foldable lashing rings have been placed in the low-bed area, on the neck and in the outer frame. The loading area, which is partly covered with a hardwood floor, is suitable for high point loads. It is achieved by the construction of the floor. High-quality steel profiles with cross members ensure sufficient stability. The durability of the attachments and the chassis is guaranteed by the materials used and the workmanship.

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We wish the team at STL Logistik AG a good trip at all times!