Krandienst Schulz receives huge package

Krandienst Schulz ES-GE Referenzen Auslieferung Ballastauflieger MAN Sattelzugmaschinen Titelbild
Published on 7. March 2024.

Huge package for Krandienst Schulz

11 vehicles for our customer from Hamburg

Krandienst Schulz GmbH & Co. KG, has a large selection of telescopic cranes, mobile construction cranes and special vehicles for heavy transport. The established crane service company from Hamburg has been appealing to discerning customers with its services for many years. Delivering tailor-made solutions for complex projects is not only a challenge for the team, but also an inner motivation. We were able to experience and feel this energy and enthusiasm for our own work during discussions with their team last year. We have maintained good contact with the business and fleet management at Krandienst Schulz for many years and have now implemented another larger project.

Krandienst Schulz ES-GE References ES-GE semi-trailers and MAN trucks

Semit-trailer for crane ballast and crane components

Our customer ordered no fewer than last year. The team of Krandienst Schulz picked up low loader semi-trailers and several ballast semi-trailers including suitable tractor units on our premises in Essen. As a service provider with a focus on cranes, the transport of crane parts and crane ballast is clearly the focus of our customer’s daily work. It is therefore not surprising that over half of the package delivered last year consisted of ballast semi-trailers. We delivered variants of our ES-GE branded ballast semi-trailers as well as vehicles of the type MAX410 from MAX Trailer.

Krandienst Schulz ES-GE References ES-GE semi-trailers and MAN trucks

Short ES-GE ballast semi-trailer and MAN 4×2 tractors

Our “short” three-axle vehicle is only approx. 8 m long and offers technically a maximum weight of 50,000 kg – with a dead weight of approx. 5,200 kg. Technically a payload of around 44,800 kg could be achieved. In everyday use, the semi-trailer, which is equipped with three rigid axles, impresses with its maneuverability and usability without speciual permits. As an alternative to the variant with three rigid axles, we also offer our short ballast semi-trailer with a self-steering axle. This configuration affects, among other things, the permitted axle load. Instead of 3 x 9,000 kg, it offers an axle load of 3 x 10,000 kg. Thanks to the low dead weight weight, high payloads can be achieved with the short vehicle without having to apply for an exemption. Following this premise, we delivered three compact MAN TGS 18.470 tractor units to match the semi-trailers we delivered.

Krandienst Schulz ES-GE References ES-GE semi-trailers and MAN trucks

MAX Trailer MAX410 with hydro-mechanical steering

The MAX Trailer MAX410 ballast semi-trailers are equipped with only one rigid axle. The other three axles of the four-axle vehicles are hydro-mechanically steered. This offers advantages in terms of maneuverability, for example in narrow construction site areas or in urban environments. The core task of the MAX410 at Krandienst Schulz will also be the transport of compact crane parts and crane ballast. MAX Trailer offers the MAX410 with three, four and five axles. All variants are part of our product portfolio, like the entire range of our long-standing supplier.

Krandienst Schulz ES-GE References ES-GE semi-trailers and MAN trucks

Extendable low loader semi-trailer MAX Trailer MAX110

The expansion of the fleet is completed by two low loader semi-trailers, also from MAX Trailer. Like the MAX410 ballast semi-trailers, the two four-axle low-loader semi-trailers MAX110 are equipped with hydro-mechanical forced steering. The last three axles are steered, if necessary also manually by using a remote control. The low loader is generally suitable for numerous areas of application in the field of transport. In our customer’s fleet, the MAX110 is used, for example, to transport high-rise crane components.

Krandienst Schulz ES-GE References ES-GE semi-trailers and MAN trucks

We wish the Krandienst Schulz team always a safe journey!