Matthäi long-term customer of ES-GE

MATTHÄI Auslieferung ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge MAX Trailer MAX110 und Faymonville MultiMAX
Published on 31. July 2023.

Matthäi relies on ES-GE as a supplier

Faymonville and MAX Trailer semi-trailers for our long-standing customer

As a renowned company, Matthäi group has enjoyed a first-class reputation for many years. With an impressive history of about 90 years of experience, Matthäi has built an outstanding expertise in all areas of construction and has established itself as a trusted partner for high quality construction projects. The company from Verden, Germany is known as a professional in the areas of road construction, civil engineering, structural engineering, special civil engineering, track construction, hydraulic engineering, building materials trade, demolition and recycling. In this demanding environment, innovation plays an important role. The management of Matthäi therefore attaches great importance to the personal development of its own employees and to continuous development in the technological field. In order to ensure efficient and smooth implementation of the construction projects, the team therefore relies on modern technologies and vehicles that correspond to the current state of the art.


Matthäi also relies on rental service

The Matthäi fleet is specially tailored to the needs of the construction industry. Experience has shown that with our range of products and services we cover a large part of the requirements of companies in this sector. That may be one of the reasons why Matthäi has been relying on ES-GE as a supplier for many years now and trusts the experience of our team. The trust in our colleagues as well as our sustainably planned portfolio and the reserved building slots at our suppliers are the foundation for the long-term cooperation. The Matthäi Group, including the respective Matthäi locations, have also regularly used our rental service in order to be able to react to certain demand scenarios in the short and medium term. With the delivery of two low-loader semi-trailers from the Faymonville and MAX Trailer brands, we are seamlessly continuing our joint cooperation this year.

MATTHÄI delivery ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge MAX Trailer MAX110

Upgrade of the Matthäi fleet

The two recently delivered low-loaders were custom-designed in-house by us in accordance with our customer’s specifications. Thanks to direct access to the planning software from MAX Trailer and Faymonville, we can handle completely internally from the detailed planning to the production order. Reserved construction slots in the production planning of our long-standing partners also give us the necessary flexibility to exchange production schedules if necessary. It helps to shorten delivery times for vehicles that we order directly for our customers. Two individual vehicles were created for Matthäi under within the Faymonville Group: a MAX Trailer MAX110 with three axles and a 5-axle MultiMAX from Faymonville.

MATTHÄI delivery ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge MAX Trailer MAX110 and Faymonville MultiMAX loading platforms

Extendable semi-trailers with high-quality components

The quality and workmanship of both low-loader semi-trailers are at the usual high level of products from the Faymonville Group. Both the manufacturing processes and the components used are subject to high requirements and meet the highest quality standards. Externally, both vehicles follow the typical shape of a low-loader semi-trailer with a gooseneck. The technical equipment of both vehicles is also similar. Both low-loaders are extendable, have a hydraulic steering system and are equipped with two-part ramps at the rear. Hardwood, checker plate and a varnished layer of sand characterize the surfaces of both loading areas.

MATTHÄI delivery ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge Faymonville MultiMAX

Faymonville MultiMAX with five axles

Four of the MultiMAX’s five axles are hydraulically steered. The first axle is controlled with the help of a self-steering system. It also has an automatically controlled lift function. Shock absorption and ride height control is handled by an air-sprung system. Technically speaking, the axles from BPW each have an axle load of 12,000 kg. The gooseneck is technically designed for loads of up to 30,000 kg. From a purely mathematical point of view, the maximum possible total weight of the low-loader is 96,000 kg. Of course, these exclusively technical values are not relevant in practice, at least on German roads. However, the low curb weight of approx. 16,120 kg means that the usable load range is more than sufficient for the planned tasks in the Matthäi fleet.

MATTHÄI delivery ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge MAX Trailer MAX110 and Faymonville MultiMAX loading platforms

MAX110 from MAX Trailer as a 3-axle vehicle

The supplied MAX Trailer MAX110 is intended for slightly less weighty, but no less demanding tasks. The completely hydraulically steered vehicle is equipped with the same axle type from BPW. Technically, these also offer a capacity of 12,000 kg each. A maximum of 10,000 kg is permitted in Germany. The fifth wheel load of the approx. 12,450 kg vehicle is 18,000 kg. According to this, the registration papers state a theoretically possible total weight of 48,000 kg. The following applies to all weight information: All information on possible loads and weights are of course individually dependent on the respective equipment and the legal framework.

MATTHÄI delivery ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge MAX Trailer MAX110

Robustness and durability

Central lubrication system, radio remote control for the axles, two-part ramps, hydraulic unit – in terms of equipment, both vehicles leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the function, durability is of course also a decisive criterion when buying commercial vehicles. Both the MAX110 and the MultiMAX feature metalized steel construction. The surfaces are first shot-blasted and then additionally hot-coated. This is part of the standard equipment on Faymonville vehicles. At MAX Trailer, the equipment feature is currently still on the list of selectable options.

MATTHÄI delivery ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge MAX Trailer MAX110 and Faymonville MultiMAX

We look forward to further cooperation and wish the team of Matthäi group a safe journey at all times!